Health is like a race. Though there is no competition in it, there are winners and losers.

Pain is like a stone. It trips you up and impedes your movement.

PTEX is an effective medicine which enables you to enjoy a healthy life. It supports you to complete every step of your exercise from the very beginning.



All PTEX products are developed by deploying the expertise of Clinical Physiotherapists and experienced Personal Trainers. Regardless of the types of injuries and pains, PTEX has its versatile, unique and therapeutic features to safeguard your health.

No matter whether you are in good health or in a state of illness, have faith in yourself!  We promote the concept of self-recovery, self-care and self-control of your own health, combating sub-health in a pro-active way.  Remember, you need to stay healthy before you can master a successful life.


The “PT” in PTEX represents the two professions that protect your health: Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer. The “EX” in “PTEX” stands for Exercise. PTEX provides you with the professional support from both Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers, and helps you conquer sub-health and win the race in the pursuit of good health.