Indicated For: 

  • Back Overuse
  • Calf Tightness & Calf Cramp
  • Inner Thigh Tightness
  • Knee Pain
  • Outer Thigh Tightness
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sciatica & Hamstring Tightness

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Smart Stretch is an ergonomic stretching device designed by applying the frontiers of the knowledge in the health industry. The padded design provides you with a firm and comfortable grip of the ankle and the foot, and helps minimise shoulder tension as a result of pulling. By following the pre-set stretching program on a handy APP and the flashing digital display on the device, you will be amazed by your stretching experience!

    • Countdown Timer & Flashing Digital Display
      Get to know your exercise status with accurate stretching time, rest time, remaining reps and sets

    • Pain Free Self-Therapy
      Choose your stretching exercises, Stretch at your right intensity and relieve your pain effectively

    • Get connected with the PTEX app via Bluetooth
      Use the PTEX app and select pre-set stretching programs to start your personal stretching plan

    • Ergonomic
      The padded design provides users with a firm and comfortable grip of the ankle and the foot.

    • Portable
      Smart Stretch is a light and handy device and It is easy to carry around for warm up, cool down and pain relief.

    • Detachable
      Separate the Countdown timer from the smart stretch and keep the strip clean.
    • Rechargeable
      Charge 1 hour to 100% and the battery life can lasts for 7 hours

  • Monitor | Source 2
    Functions | Source 2
    Sciatica Hamstring Tightness | Source 2

    Calf Tightness Calf Cramp | Source 2
    Plantar Fasciities | Source 2
    Back Overuse Source 2

    Piriformis Syndrome Outer Thigh Tightness Source 2
    Inner Thigh Tightness Source 2

    Knee PainSource 2


    • Improve body alignment and posture
    • Improve range of motion and mobility to reduce muscle tightness
    • Relieve muscle cramp and pains caused by muscle tightness 
    • Reduce the chance of muscle strain and sprain 

    • How to wear Smart Stretch

      1. Place your foot on the pad
      2. Use the Velcro strips to wrap around your shin and press the Velcro strips together
      3. Turn on the electronic device, adjust your own stretching program and start to stretch

    •  How to use the electronic device

      1. Hold down the power button on the right side of the device for a few seconds.
      2. Hear the beep
      3. The display shows S(Stretch), R(Rest), Rep(Repetition), and Set.
      4. Hold down the left bottom corner button for a few second, the time of Stretch will be flashing, press right bottom corner button to increase the time.
      5. Then press left bottom corner button to proceed to next items
      6. Hold down the left bottom corner button for a few seconds when all items are set.

    • Each person’s conditions are different. It is recommended that specific advice should be sought from healthcare providers before using. Stretching Programs are provided for reference purpose only. Effect may be varied. If at any point during your stretching program, you begin to feel physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult healthcare providers for further examination and treatment. Any reproduction with out written permission is restricted.