Statement endorsed by Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union
"Stretching is useful in reducing musculoskeletal injuries and is important in Rehabilitation program.  It is also useful in pain relief, improving daily function and client satisfaction upon proper application. When stretching is applied using appropriate device, it may help to increase the AROM (Active Range of Movement)" endorsed by Hong Kong Physiotherapists’ Union
Product endorsed by AASFP
This product is accredited by AASFP. As a professional fitness academy, we believe that stretching exercises is particularly important for sports performance and recovery. Fitness trainers can make use of Smart Stretch to help clients stretch effectively, there are pre-set stretching program in APP which can effectively prevent low back pain and/or lower limb joint stiffness, together with reducing post training muscle soreness.
Product endorsed by AFTC
This product is accredited by AFTC. Most workers in Hong Kong work over an average of 50 hours per week and many of them are suffering from repetitive stress related pains and muscle strains. Clinically we teach patients to do stretching exercises at home but some of them fail to grasp the focus of the movements and give up the “self”-rehabilitation before full recovery. Stretching tools in the market are not necessarily infused with electronic functions. However, Smart Stretch is not only user friendly, but also eases various bodily pains including Sciatica and strains in the lower back. One can also link it with the video teaching and monitoring systems via mobile apps to further improve the outcome of stretching exercises, moreover, Physiotherapists can also track the progress of patients and adjust the stretching programs accordingly to speed up the recovery.